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Copy of Rye Mutual Aid & Udimore's Buddy system

The church has organised a ‘buddy’ system which is still being used by many villagers, which is just a local support system between villagers.

If you would like to volunteer to help people who require assistance during the Covid-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic or know someone who requires assistance or may be vulnerable, please do either of the following:

1) Please contact the churchwardens Liz Turgoose (01424 882657) or Zoe Wilmoth (01797 227745) who are organising a ‘buddy’ system where volunteers can help where needed with in the village.


2) Contact the Rye Mutual Aid Group through their Facebook page.  This is a group that has been set up to help those needing assistance in the Rye and surrounding area.  

Rye Mutual Aid has been set up to support anyone who needs help.

Are you unable or concerned about leaving your home because of Covid 19/Coronavirus?  Do you need someone to run errands - do your shopping, post mail or pick up a presciption, etc.  Or would you like to talk to someone if you are feeling isolated?  Rye Mutual Aid can help.

The Dispatcher Volunteers are:

Broad Oak Brede - Donna on 07809 345416 and Bruni on 07941 357101

Udimore - Genevieve on 07891 124082; Gary on 07803 687170; Darren on 07949 724803; Sue on 0771 261325 or Jenny on 07748 843413. 

Do give them a call as they will be happy to assit in any way they can.  For more information visit or email

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