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Letter from Fr David Sherwood

My dear friends

If I asked “how are you?” your honest answer would probably be “I’m fed up.” We are restricted in what we can and cannot do. This is perfectly understandable but may I suggest a remedy: count your blessings and be truly grateful to God for all that you have, at the same time seeking to help those worse off than yourself.

I am currently reading a book about East Germany under Communist rule called “Stasiland” which shows the total lack of freedom endured by the East Germans in those years where every aspect of life was controlled by the secret police, the Stasi. You really did not have the freedom to think for yourself. Christians were persecuted for churchgoing and were considered enemies of the state. You dare not speak out publicly with any views other than the official party teaching. Members of the family informed one against another in the interests of the state. You could not leave the country without permission which was rarely granted. Those who tried to escape over the wall were shot. Not only could you not holiday abroad you could not even associate with anyone from the west. This could prevent your being employed. At all stages in your life you had to toe the party line.

I have given you just a few of the restrictions imposed on ordinary citizens so we do have a lot for which we should be grateful and thank God.

With my love, Fr David

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