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Udimore Angels

Yesterday Matthew Burrows selected two Angels from the wide range which have landed in Udimore over the last three weeks. We would like to thank everyone who made an angel, they have certainly become a talking point over the last few weeks and we hope brought some 'Peace and Goodwill' within the village.

Udimore Angels

Over the last few weeks the village of Udimore has been visited by angels. As we have seen, angels can be beautiful and sometimes frightening, they can comfort and challenge in equal measure, and rarely are they what you think they might be! Being caught by surprise, can inspire us to great courage or to flee and hide ourselves away. Either way angels have a way of giving strength and solace when we most need it (even when we don’t recognise their presence). They remind us of the gifts we live with everyday and as we have seen over the last few months, they can be a reminder of the courage of those who care.

It is a delight and honour to select two Udimore angels for special mention. In the children’s category I have chosen the environmentally conscious angel by the Dean children. Its delicate and unobtrusive structure reminds us all that sometimes it is ‘we’ who ‘see’ angels. They are always there, we just fail to recognise them.

For the adults I have chosen Jill Marfleet, the inspired use of lights to bring attention to the face of the angel. A face that can only be complete with the attention of our own imagination.

I hope and trust that we have all been illuminated, delighted and challenged by all the Udimore angels. Well done to everyone who participated and Happy Christmas to you all.

Matthew Burrows

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